person avoids alarm clock in the morning due to lack of motivation to start exercise

Lack Motivation To Start Exercise

Lack Motivation To Start Exercise

person avoids alarm clock in the morning due to lack of motivation to start exercise

Phil previously made attempts to go to the gym before work.  On those days, he lacked the motivation to get out of bed to exercise.  He kept hitting the snooze button on his alarm clock.  If he successfully got out of bed, then he would use that time to watch television rather than exercise. Phil is experiencing lack motivation to start exercise.

Make Exercise A New Year’s Resolution

A common practice is to make exercise a new year’s resolution.  Phil decided to do the same thing.  He has been going to the gym inconsistently for three weeks.  Phil dragged himself to the gym four times on the first week.  He forced himself to go to the gym two times on the second week.  On the third week, Phil only went to the gym one time.  Phil keeps telling himself that he will go tomorrow on days that he doesn’t go the gym.  A common reason that Phil gives himself is that he is too tired following his 9 to 5 job.  After three weeks, Phil has not gotten himself to the gym for a month.  He claims that he has too much work to do.  Phil was sitting at his desk for an extra hour not getting any work completed after 5 pm.   The hour he spent at his desk was his workout time. 

person lacking motivation to start exercise writing down starting exercise as 2019 New Year's Resolution in notebook

Solution For Lack of Motivation To Start Exercise

As a performance enhancement consultant, I offer a solution to lacking motivation to exercise by taking a different approach to exercise and teaching individuals like Phil performance enhancement skills to help him stick with exercise.  By this, I mean not limiting activities only to those commonly thought of as exercises by society.  The goal is to make physical activity and exercise an activity that Phil does consistently. 

A Performance Enhancement Consultant Focuses On Mindset And Mental Side of Performance

A Performance Enhancement Consultant Is Not A Personal Trainer

Even though Driven To Peak Consulting helps individuals with lack of motivation to exercise and provides exercise activity suggestions, we want to clarify that we are not personal trainers. We focus on mindset management and the mental side of performance to help individuals in the area of exercise. To learn more, check out Driven To Peak Consulting’s blog post on Lack of Motivation To Exercise With Busy Lifestyle.

For more information on performance and sport psychology, check out Driven To Peak Consulting’s blog post What Is Performance and Sport Psychology?

Reward For Doing Exercise

An external reward is waiting for Phil at the end of the week.  Here is the catch!  Phil must do the amount of physical activity and/or exercise that he is supposed to do.  Phil plans a reward day, spa day, or self care day for completing the proper amount of physical activity and/or exercise for a week.  The reward is living a healthier lifestyle not succumbing to your old one. 

Remember changes take time!  Be patient with yourself!  Think about this.  Everything that you do automatically without thinking about it in your life comes from you practicing it frequently.  A key to you incorporating physical activity and/or exercise into your lifestyle is having a positive routine. 

Tips On Starting An Active Lifestyle

Below are tips to help you start an active lifestyle.  Pick activities that you consider enjoyable and fun that require you to move around.  These activities do not have to require a gym for you to complete them. 

paint ball is a fun exercise activity

Rest and recovery are key to maintaining motivation in no matter what we do.  Goal-setting also helps you maintain motivation.  The thought of I already know how to set goals crossed your mind.  Goal-setting is a task that is familiar to everyone.   However, do you know how do setting goals correctly?  Refer to Driven To Peak Consulting’s blog post on Maintaining Motivation To Achieve Long-Term Goals for tips on setting goals properly

Start doing physical activity and/or exercise today!  Don’t wait until January 2020.

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3 thoughts on “Lack Motivation To Start Exercise”

  1. I think if people make exercise less like a chore. I also believe it takes time to create a new habit, so people don’t need to be hard on themselves if they don’t succeed first!

  2. These tips are motivating! I try to see exercise as a way of improving your quality of life, making you not just look good on the outside, but actually feel good despite your hectic lifestyle. Thanks for sharing ♥ ♥ Let me know if you are interested in doing collabs! xx

  3. I truly believe that this is the biggest obstacle preventing many people from getting into shape and/or staying in shape… These tips are great to help those interested in making a change in their lives to find the motivation necessary!

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