Lack of Motivation To Exercise

Individuals who lack the motivation to exercise represented by two couch potatoes

     Are you having trouble starting an active lifestyle in 2019 to achieve your New Year’s Resolution of starting exercise?  Lack of motivation to exercise is a common performance issue for people attempting to start to exercise.  Motivation and goal-setting are two common performance related issues that individuals who participate in exercise of all levels seek the services provided by a performance enhancement consultant.  A performance enhancement consultant offers to help individuals who take part in exercise learn performance enhancement skills to start, maintain, and reach peak in exercise.  

Individual who lacks the motivation to exercise would rather lay on the couch and watch Ipad

Exercise Performance Consulting Session

   Individuals starting exercise in 2019 learn performance enhancement skills in working together with a performance enhancement consultant during consultation sessions to solve those performance issues mentioned above as well as other issues that negatively impact their ability to start an active lifestyle or reach peak performance.  This includes strategies in building confidence, forming positive routines, learning proper goal setting techniques, focusing on proper aspects of performance to give yourself the best chance to experience success, and focusing on positive aspects of performance.  Other techniques include strategies to prevent overtraining, injury, and burnout. 

     After consultation sessions, people starting to exercise experiences increase in confidence and motivation level from gaining knowledge in forming positive routines, forming habits, maintaining positive routines, maintaining habits, and having knowledge on other tools to help them start, maintain, and perform at their peak in exercise.  We help individuals of all different age groups start an active lifestyle.  This includes school-age individuals, young individuals, adults of any age, mothers, and busy parents to start exercise.

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Trouble Starting Exercise In 2019?

person lacking the motivation to exercise laying on couch with blue blanket covering his body and watching Ipad

     Personal trainers focus on designing exercise programs and performing exercises using the correct form.  A performance enhancement consultant does not do those two tasks mentioned above.  In contrast to a personal trainer, a performance enhancement consultant goes much more in-depth in using performance enhancement skills to help you start, maintain, and perform at your peak in exercise during a consultation session. 

What Does Exercise Performance Consulting Session Include?

     A performance enhancement consultant offers a different and broader view on physical activity and exercise that does not only include physical activities and exercises completed at a gym.  He or she makes physical activity and exercise fun by helping individuals pick physical activities that they consider fun and enjoyable.  A single session that consists of 20 or 30 consecutive minutes of physical activity or exercise could be a daunting task for an individual starting or resuming an active lifestyle.  We offer to break down the physical activity or exercise into manage sessions for those individuals.  Our services also include helping you schedule physical activities or exercises for the week, so that we can work around common obstacles such as lack of time and lack of motivation.  We also offer to help individuals manage their time better and establish a positive routine related to doing physical activity and exercise.  

     For more information on ways to get exercise with a busy lifestyle, refer to the guest blog post that Driven To Peak Consulting wrote for The Perfectly Imperfect Mummy on Finding Ways To Exercise As A Busy Mom  For tips on setting goals related to exercise, refer to another guest blog post that Driven To Peak Consulting wrote for The Perfectly Imperfect Mummy on Achieving Your Fitness Goals For The Busy Mum In 2019

Common scenarios individuals who lack the motivation to exercise seek the services offered by a performance enhancement consultant

  • lack of confidence in ability to maintain peak performance

  • lack of confidence to improve performance

  • trouble establishing routine

  • trouble sticking with exercise

  • lack of motivation following peak performance

  • lack of motivation due to poor performances

  • not accomplishing goals 

  • not improving performance

  • trouble establishing habit

  • trouble starting exercise

  • overtraining

  • injury prevention/recovery

  • burnout prevention/recovery

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