Driven To Peak Consulting's Review of the legal bundle that contains privacy policy, disclaimer, and terms and conditions templates to legally protect your website, blog, and online business

Legal Pages For Your Website, Blog, And Online Business

Review of Amira Law’s Legal Bundle

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Are you starting a blog, website, and/or online business?  One of the important steps in setting up your blog, website, and/or online business is purchasing legal protection.  This is an important step to easily forget with other challenging tasks related to launching a blog, website, and/or online business.  Legal protection includes a privacy policy, disclaimer, and terms and conditions for your website.

What is the most affordable way to create legal pages to protect your blog, website, and online business?

Everyone wants to save money.  This is especially the case for new entrepreneurs and bloggers.  They believe that legal pages created by a lawyer are too expensive.  The desire to keep costs low leads to them using free templates of legal pages available online for legal protection of their website, blog, and online business.  I am reviewing a product that provides legal pages for your website, blog, and online business that does not cost an arm or a leg.

I launched my first business website and blog in March 2018.  As a temporary solution, I used free templates generated online for legal protection.  I researched online to determine the cost to get actual legal documents drafted for my website.

I joined Amira Law’s Facebook Blogging/Business group.  She checked my website and informed me that my website, blog, and online business was not legally protected by using the free templates available for privacy policy, disclaimer, and terms and conditions.  Amira told me that she created a product known as the legal bundle that provides all three documents needed for legal protection at an affordable price.

Other lawyers also offer similar products for sale.  However, Amira’s legal bundle is the most affordable one available on the market. 

In May 2019, I moved my business website and blog over to self-hosted website on  I use the same legal bundle for legal protection.

Amira Law’s Legal Bundle

The first product that I purchased created by Amira Law is the legal bundle.  It provides protection for my website, online business, and blog.  Many free templates are available online.  However, these templates contain missing pieces of information that Amira includes in her legal bundle. 

Amira Law’s legal bundle is the easiest and most affordable way to legally protect your blog, website, and online business.  This legal bundle consists of privacy policy, disclaimer, and terms and conditions templates made by a lawyer.  Amira’s legal bundle helps individuals in the United States, Canada, and worldwide. 

For those individuals with multiple websites, blogs, and online businesses, they do not have to worry about purchasing the legal bundle multiple times.  It is a one time purchase that is useful on as many websites, blogs, and online businesses owned by the individual. 

Privacy Policy

A privacy policy outlines how information collected from visitors of your website are used. 


The disclaimer template informs visitors that the information on your website are for educational purposes and what the site owner would not be held responsible for. 

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions template provides guidelines that visitors of your website must follow. 

The instructions provided with the legal templates and the fill in the blank format make them easy to complete within a short amount of time. She is available to answer any questions that you may have to complete the templates correctly.  Amira helps you customize the templates to suit your needs.  By purchasing the legal bundle, it made setting up a website, blog, and business less daunting. 

Get affordable legal protection today by purchasing Amira’s Law legal bundle.  

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  1. Thanks, Patty for purchasing my legal templates and writing this awesome post about my Legal Bundle! This is going to help so many beginner bloggers get compliant with the laws and protect themselves legally.

    Great post,
    Amira at ASelfGuru

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