correct goal setting techniques

Maintaining Motivation To Achieve Long-Term Goals

Maintaining Motivation To Achieve Long-Term Goals

Correct goal setting techniques helps motivation to achieve long-term goals.

How To Set Goals Properly?

Are you struggling to accomplish your goals?  The problem could be that you are not setting goals properly.  Driven To Peak Consulting covers setting goals properly in this blog post. A performance enhancement consultant offers the solution of helping you learn to set goals properly. We cover maintaining motivation to achieve long-term goals below.

Goal Setting Techniques

Why is it important to set goals correctly?  Proper goal setting techniques help us achieve our goals.  These goal setting techniques increases our motivation and confidence to achieve our long-term goals. 

Why Writing Down Your Goals Is Important?

Write Down Your Goals

Write down your goals.  We suggest recording your goals in a notebook.  Use this notebook to keep track of your progress towards reaching your goals.  We all have a tendency to overestimate our memory.  Without writing down your goals, you most likely will not remember them.  Results from research studies have shown that people are more likely to remember information that is written by hand.

correct goal setting techniques include writing down goals in notebook

Goal-setting is a performance enhancement skill.  It is a task that is familiar to us all. To set goals properly, we need to form short-term goals as well. 

Long-Term Goals

Long-term goals are great.  The drawback of long-term goals is that they take a lengthy period of time to accomplish.  The key to accomplishing your long-term goals is setting short-term goals. 

Why Are Short-Term Goals Important?

The secret to maintaining motivation to reach your long-term goal is setting short-term goals.

correct goal setting techniques includes setting short-term goals, which are climbing steps to achieve long-term goals

Motivation To Achieve Long-Term Goals

A common mistake related to goal-setting is not setting short-term goals.  Short-term goals are small goals that help you accomplish your long-term goal.  Think of short-term goals as small steps in helping you achieve your long-term goal.  Short-term goals are important.  These goals do not take a long period of time for you to accomplish.  Without short-term goals, you forget about your long-term goal during stressful and frustrating times in your lives.  The purpose of short-term goals is to help you increase your confidence and to help you maintain your motivation to accomplish your long-term goal.

Correct goal setting techniques include setting short-term goals. Short-term goals helps motivation to achieve long-term goals. A person marking off short-term goals achieved on checklist

For example, your long-term goal is to lose 100 pounds.  What are your short-term goals that will help you achieve your long-term goal?  For example, a short-term goal of yours could be to lose five pounds per month. 

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