man running focusing on motivation to improve exercise performance by learning performance enhancement skills from sport psychology consultant

Motivation To Improve Exercise Performance

Before Driven To Peak Consulting covers improving exercise performance, we want to clarify that we are not personal trainers.  Unlike personal trainers, we do not focus on the physical side of exercise performance.  Driven To Peak Consulting focuses on the mental side of exercise performance.  This includes motivation to improve exercise performance. 

For individuals already exercising in 2019, do you desire to take your performance to the next level or aim to maintain a high level of performance?

Individuals already exercising in 2019 can improve their performance.  A performance enhancement consultant helps individuals already exercising improve their performance by focusing on improving the mental side of performance.  

Using Psychological Skills To Build A Strong Mind

The mental side of exercise performance includes improving mindset and building a strong brain. 

To build a strong brain, a performance enhancement consultant helps an individual learn performance enhancement skills also known as mental skills in working together with him or her. 

Mental skills training also commonly referred to as psychological skills training improves our mindset and strengthens our brain.  A strong brain gives you the power to execute your best performance physically. 

A performance enhancement consultant aims to help individuals strengthen their brains to conquer mental obstacles that get in the way of peak performance.

Performance Psychology Myth

A common myth related to performance psychology is that individuals who see a performance enhancement consultant are performing poorly and struggling.  We also help individuals reach and maintain peak performance as well. 

Advantages of Psychological Skills Training

Think of psychological skills training as giving yourself the advantage of reaching and maintaining peak performance.  Exercise performance consulting prevents a decline in performance due to lack of motivation and lack of confidence in ability to maintain a high level of performance consistently. 

Mental Skills Training Helps Improve Exercise Performance

During an exercise performance consulting session, a performance enhancement consultant aims to help these individuals improve their exercise performance, reach peak performance, and maintain peak performance. The first part of the first session consists of doing a client in-take. During the second part of the session, we introduce the individual to performance enhancement skills also known as mental skills. We help the individual or individuals learn performance enhancement skills to improve and to maintain a high level of performance.  Future consulting sessions focuses on using performance enhancement skills to address performance issues that surface.
Mental skills training helps these individuals manage stress and overcome mental obstacles related to maintaining participation in exercise, improving exercise, handling success, and maintaining success.

After consultation sessions, clients experience an increase in confidence level that they can reach and/or maintain peak performance from learning to focus on successful performances, learning to focus on things that they need to do to achieve the desired result, maintaining positive routines, maintaining positive habits, and adjusting or forming new goals.

What scenarios that individuals already exercising in 2019 would seek the services provided by a performance enhancement consultant? Below we provide examples of common scenarios. 

  • trouble maintaining peak performance

  • lack of confidence in ability maintain peak performance

  • lack of motivation following peak performance

  • performing poorly in competitions

  • not improving performance

  • not reaching peak performance

  • experiencing poor performances

  • trouble setting goals

  • trouble accomplishing goals

  • focusing on the proper aspects of performance

  • poor performances following return to competition from injury

  • overtraining

  • injury prevention/recovery

  • burnout prevention/recovery

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