Busy Lifestyle Leaving Lack of Motivation To Exercise

Ruth is a busy adult.  Ruth is a mother to two sets of twins and a wife.  She has established a successful writing career.  Similar to other women with successful careers and a family, Ruth works, picks up her children from school, takes them to recreational activities, and cooks dinner for her family.  Exercise was an impossible task for her to do with a busy lifestyle.  With family and work responsibilities consuming majority of her time, Ruth was mentally drained and physically exhausted at the end of the day.  Ruth neglected her own needs to keep herself healthy.  She lacks the time and lacks the motivation to exercise.
Ruth was frustrated that her previous attempts to start an active lifestyle by using workout DVDs and taking yoga classes fail to grab her interest in exercising.  She desperately wanted to find ways to squeeze exercise into her busy lifestyle to maintain her health.  Ruth decided to seek the help of a performance enhancement consultant to help her start and stick to exercise.  A performance enhancement consultant offers to help individuals learn performance enhancement skills in working together with him or her individually or in groups to start, maintain, and reach peak performance in exercise.
Ruth booked a one-hour private one on one session with a performance enhancement consultant.  The first consulting session started off with the performance enhancement consultant gathering information related to physical activities and exercise that Ruth did in the past.  During the first session, the performance enhancement consultant gathered information related to physical activities and exercise that Ruth did in the past.  The performance enhancement consultant reminded Ruth that no exercise rule exists that states an individual has to complete exercise in one single session per day.  Ruth discovered other ways to squeeze in exercise that she never thought of in working together with the performance enhancement consultant to come with suggestions for activities to get her moving.
Ruth was surprised that a performance enhancement consultant offers to plan out activities ahead of time for her to get exercise to work around obstacles such as lack of time, lack of access to facilities, and lack of motivation.  
Ruth implemented the strategies that were discussed during the consultation session to start exercising.  We discussed ways for Ruth to squeeze in more exercise during the day.  She started to park her car further away from the office building at work to force herself to walk more steps to arrive at her destination.  Ruth also took the stairs rather than using the elevator at work.  Since Ruth had a two-hour lunch break, we decided to spend 20 minutes of the lunch break doing exercise.  Ruth went to a nearby park to walk for twenty minutes two times per week prior to eating lunch.  Another suggestion was walking to nearby places for lunch rather than driving.  Ruth found a couple of cafes within walking distance from her job to eat lunch. 
Other activities that Ruth came up working together with the performance enhancement consultant during the consultation to get exercise included playing tag with her children and riding bikes with her children and husband during the weekend.  Both of these activities enable Ruth to spend time with her family and get her exercise completed at the same time.
Other suggestions included Ruth purchasing a planner to write down the date, activity, and duration of the activity that she did.  By keeping track of her progress and results, it helps Ruth’s confidence and motivation to stick with exercise.  With this written record, Ruth will have an easier time forming new goals or adjusting her goals while working with a performance enhancement consultant.  Confidence, motivation, and goal setting are examples of
performance-related issues that the performance enhancement consultant helps Ruth solve in working together during consulting sessions. 
Ruth continued to work with the performance enhancement consultant to help her stick with exercise by using performance enhancement skills.
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