Performance enhancement consultants help individuals in various performance domains improve their performance such as three trumpet players aiming to improve their performance playing the trumpet

Performance Enhancement Consulting In Various Performance Domains

Driven To Peak Consulting also helps individuals outside the context of sports and exercise improve their performance.  Performance enhancement consulting helps individuals in various performance domains improve their performance.  Everyone benefits from performance enhancement consulting.  We all can increase our performance.

Sport psychology used in non-sports settings is performance psychology. Performance psychology techniques also known as performance enhancement skills are useful in various performance domains beyond sports and exercise.  These skills help individuals in the military, music, and business industries improve their performance. 

Using Mental Skills Training To Enhance Performance In Various Domains

A performance enhancement consultant focuses on helping individuals improve the mental aspect of their performance.  We cannot emphasize enough that performance enhancement skills are useful in improving performance beyond sports.  Another term that also refers to the same thing as performance enhancement skills is psychological skills.

Psychological skills training also commonly referred to as mental skills training helps individuals in various performance domains improve the mental side of their performance.  By improving the mental side of performance, it enables them to perform up to their best physical capabilities. 

Psychological skills training is the missing piece to individuals performing at their peak.  A performance enhancement consultant aims to help individuals maximize their skills.  He or she focuses on the aspect of performance that is forgotten by individuals.  Individuals often do pay attention to the mental side of performance. 

Mental skills training strengthens the mind to conquer those mental obstacles that get in the way of individuals performing up to their best. 

Performance Enhancement Consulting Session

We do one on one private individual performance consulting sessions.  Performance consulting sessions are also done in groups.

What is a performance consulting session like for an individual working with a performance enhancement consultant to reach or maintain performance in many different fields?  Below provides more detail information on a performance consulting session.

The first part of the consulting session consists of doing a client-intake.  This includes covering the rules and expectations of performance enhancement consulting sessions.  We also gather information related to an individual’s past performances.  During the second half of the session, a performance enhancement consultant introduces mental skills training.  He or she helps individuals learn psychological skills to improve the mental aspect of their performance.  We also establish a plan designed to meet each individual performer’s needs to improve aspects of their performance in future sessions.  

Every session following the first session focuses on the progress that an individual made in using performance enhancement skills to improve his or her performance.  We also focus on other performance issues that surface that prevent an individual from performing at their peak. 

The topics covered include goal-setting, transferring performance from practice to actual performance, self-talk, focusing on aspects of performance to increase the likelihood of success, types of practices, strategies against negative self-talk, performance anxiety, motivation, and benefits of moderation.  Other topics include rest and recovery, routines, myths related to confidence, and burnout prevention/recovery.

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