Driven To Peak Consulting offers sports performance consulting with athletes, which includes helping youth basketball athletes apply performance enhancement skills that they learned from a performance enhancement consultant to improve their performance in basketball

Sports Performance Consulting Session With Athletes

golfer using performance enhancement skills by making practice more game like to improve his performance on the golf course

How Does Sport Psychology Techniques Improve Athletic Performance?

We cover sports performance consulting session with athletes below.

Sports Performance Consulting helps all athletes improve their performance.  A common myth is that sports performance consulting only helps professional athletes improve their performance.  We help youth athletes, young athletes, recreational athletes, middle school athletes, high school athletes, college athletes, and professional athletes.

Athletes participate in sports for a variety of reasons such as passion for sports, parents’ request, or scholarship for higher education.  Athletes of all levels desire to perform at their peak consistently under stressful and intense conditions in competition regardless of reason or reasons to take part in sports.  Performance enhancement skills used in performance psychology is also used in sport psychology to improve the performance of athletes.  A performance enhancement consultant uses performance enhancement skills to help athletes develop a strong mindset to give themselves the best chance to perform well during competition.  People inside and outside the sports world determined an athlete’s success based on winning during competition. 


Sports Performance Consulting Session

We do one on one private individual performance consulting sessions.  Performance consulting sessions can also be done in groups.  

The first session involves gathering information related to an athlete’s past performances.  We introduce the athlete to performance enhancement skills to improve his or her performance.  We establish a plan specifically designed to meet each individual athlete’s needs to improve aspects of his or her performance in future sessions. 

The topics frequently covered include goal-setting, focusing on proper aspects of performance to increase the likelihood of experiencing success, transferring performance from practice to competition, strategies against negative self-talk, motivation, routines, myths related to confidence, addressing positive aspects of performance, injury prevention/recovery, and burnout prevention/recovery.

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