basketball coach learning performance enhancement skills to help his youth athletes improve their performance

Sports Performance Consulting Session With Coach

Coaches Can Help Athletes Improve Their Performance In Sports

We cover sports performance consulting with coach below.

Sports performance consulting helps coaches of all levels!  This means coaches of youth athletes, young athletes, recreational athletes, amateur athletes, middle school athletes, high school athletes, college athletes, and professional athletes.  All coaches benefit from learning performance enhancement skills by working together with a performance enhancement consultant.  A common myth is that performance enhancement skills learned during a sports performance consulting session only helps coaches of professional athletes. 

Coaches of all levels work in stressful and intense environments.  They are evaluated based on winning in competition.  With performance enhancement skills, coaches can improve to become even better at what they do and get the most out of their athletes.  During a sports performance consulting session, a coach learns performance enhancement skills working together with a performance enhancement consultant.  

Coaches of all different levels of any sport aim to help athletes improve their performance.  By learning performance enhancement skills, coaches can help their athletes improve their performance even more by gaining knowledge in proper goal setting techniques, motivation, and confidence.

What is a sports performance consulting session like for a coach of any sport at any level to work with a performance enhancement consultant? 

Below describes a typical session of a coach working together with a performance enhancement consultant.  

I do one on one private individual performance consulting sessions.  Performance consulting sessions can also be done in groups. 

The first session involves gathering information on a coach’s performance.  We introduce performance enhancement skills to improve the performance of not only the coach but their athletes as well.  We also establish a plan for future sessions to address issues that prevent the coach and his or her athletes from performing at their peak. 

The topics frequently covered include motivation, focusing on proper aspects of performance, effective communication, providing feedback properly, setting goals properly, types of practice, and proper training.  Other topics include importance rest and recovery, recognizing mini-successes, injury prevention/recovery, and burnout prevention/recovery.

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